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Welcome to our series on KID PANTS. All the styles that are shared are adaptable to any size babies up to adults; for boys and’ll show you the ins and outs of making pants and we’ve got a downloadable pattern for size toddler.

Thanks for all of your efforts, Dana.

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Basic Leggings for Girls - Free Pattern and Tutorial! October 12, I had so much fun last week letting you guess which of the leggings above were sewn with the serger and coverstitch and which ones I made entirely on my home sewing machine.
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I love the way you style your son. The bright colors look so cute with the black and white seersucker. Especially the green shoes. Thank you SO much! I have twin 3year old boys that are in between sizes right now.

Thanks for sharing this. I love it and want to make these for myself and my 5 year old son. He wears 4T and some 5Ts. Do you recommend I add width and length to your pdf pattern, use your tutorial or use his existing fitting pants for a pattern. I love all the things you make!

Fantastic pattern and tutorial. Made a fabulous pair of purple cords for my 20month old. They look super funky and very comfy! Thanks so much for the pattern! Thank you for this tutorial! It helps me a lot that you captured each step visually and up close!

Thanks for this fabulous tutorial! They look just fabulous and I have to try and make them. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Dana, thanks for the pattern and tutorial — my 17month twins are quite opposite in build, one is a chunk and the other is a beanpole. I knew I would probably have to make some adjustments, but these fit like a skinny on my little man.

What are the finished waist measurements on your pants? I adapted the pattern and made two more pair that seem like they will work great, a relaxed fit with room to grow on my chunk, I just feel I must have done something wrong on the pattern originally. Thank you for this pattern! I have made several pair of pants for my tall 2 year year old!

I have never made clothing before so your tutorial made it very easy! I am very proud of the finished product and they look so cute! Today I made him some denim pants using the flat front pattern. The waist band was very simple to do and looks very nice! Thank you for your lovely blog! Have made several pairs of these and the shorts….

My daughter and grandsons love them. I make them from old t-shirts and they make fantastic play-in-the-dirt clothes or jammies. LOVE your site and all the tutorials…seriously love them.

I was also wondering whether the seam allowance was included in the pattern I assumed so — but just made a pair of these and whoa, are they little! No way these will fit my 22 month old! Please could you tell us what the dimensions of the pattern should be when all taped together?

Hi Dana, thank you! Hi Dana, Thank you so much for sharing with us all your wonderful ideas! Could you share with us how you took the measurements and created the pattern? I have made many items that have been unwearable! Then I found this site. I made 2 pair of pants for my kids yesterday and they can wear both!! I even made my own pattern. Love it, so much easier for me. Thanks for the great site! Thanks so much for this tutorial and pattern. We just adopted a 2 yr old.

He is tall forhis age but underweight. He has been impossible to fit. With only minor adjustments these are perfect! I am so excited to finally have pants that fit him and I even made them! I just made these for my son and wanted to share how I finish the seams without a serger: Second, turn RIGHT sides together and press the seam flat either with an iron or just your thumbs and sew.

This way, the ragged edge is enclosed within the seam and it makes for a beautiful finished product, both inside and out.

Plus, kids are so hard on their things, a reinforced seam is never a bad idea! Loved your tutorial so much! I referred my readers to this when doing a tutorial on using old Turtlenecks to make toddler yoga pants — http: Thank you for the wonderful tutorials!

Made this pants four times! Just started sewing and patterns make me crazy!! Your instructions are easy to fallow and seem logical to me: Thank you for this great tutorial! She will have some really cool pirate pants this Halloween thanks to this tutorial. So proud of myself for completing it now on to the vest. Thanks so much for sharing them. I especially appreciated the bit you put in about if you make it too tight or too loose. Do you know where I can buy this fabric online? Or the same fabric but different print on it.

They both turned out great and were so easy thanks to the great tutorials. I thought the flat front pants and the pockets would be hard — but were not at all! I practice elimination communication infant pottying with my baby and wanted to make some pairs of pants with undies built in so they both come down together at potty time.

I was so relieved to find these instructions! Thanks so much for making your pattern available. Just wondering where you got the tags to insert in the waistband back and side seam. This tutorial saved me from pulling out my hair and throwing my sewing machine out the window!

I was sewing pants from a pattern, but the instructions were terribly unclear. Your pictures and directions made it so much easier. So excited to find some cool fabrics…! Just have a question how do you know when its back and front when tracing the pants? Thanks for the pattern and detailed instructions. Your instructions were so helpful—thanks again! My son will be a year old in 5days time and I have been trying to make him a pair of pants but I never got it right until I came across your tutorial.

Thank you so so much. What a great tutorial! I am teaching myself to sew and used it to make my twin girls each a pair of pants. It was very easy to follow and I now have plans to make a few pairs for my son. I do have a quick question. I cut out the pattern exactly, but when I sew the pieces together, around the waist, the 4 corners do not all match-up.

Thank you for all your amazing ideas. I just ordered some of the oil cloth you used in your kitchen. Looking forward to making a splash with some grocery bags! Ti ringrazio, con i tuoi consigli ho iniziato a fare pantaloni per i miei figli, che sono molto magri, bellissimi e su misura! I love your site!!!!!! This was exactly what I needed! I also am working on a wolf tie, sooooo I can have a whole set! Just made a pair of these for my three-year-old daughter, and they are awesome! These were my first pair of pants, and they were very easy to make.

They were just a bit long for her, but instead of shortening them, I just sewed a wide hem so I can let them down as she grows. Thank you so much for this great pattern and tutorial. I love your kids pants tutorials, and have used them many times for both of my kids!

I just linked the tutorial to my blog so my friends could take a look too. Gracias por el tutorial, he hecho el molde tal cual sale de la impresora y solo tuve que cortarle el largo, quedo perfecto! Voy a probar tus otros tutoriales que seguro salen tan bien como este. Saludos desde Argentina Vanesa. Just place the pattern pieces on the pillowcase, trace around them, pin the 2 layers together in a few places, and cut. There is not enough fabric to make pockets, but you can use fun novelty fabric for those and you only need a tiny bit!

Pillowcases and sheets are easy to sew with, launder well, and come in so many interesting colors and patterns, especially if you only need one. OMG, Dana, thank you! I was so afraid of sewing, but always dreamed of creating clothes.

Some months ago I finally purchased Janome sewing machine and then found this magnificent tutorial. So proud of myself! Thanks for sharing this! My son was in need of pants and I sewed 3 pairs for him using the pattern and tutorial.

These were so quick and fun to make and they look great on my 2 year old. Thanks so much for sharing your talents. I have made a few pairs in fleece to help my 3 year old through our freezing English winter.

My son loves choosing the colours and watching them come together, we add motifs to the pockets and contrast stitching. I feel a pair in linen coming on for the summer! Thanks for the ideas, please keep them coming! Page 1 line is narrower. Am I doing something wrong?

Dear Dana, I just wanted to thankyou so very much. I consulted your tutorial so many times, checking everything so carefully, and was amazed at how well they turned out. Many thanks, and major appreciation. I will soon start on his summer wardrobe of shorts and also make some for his cousin! Everybody said it, but, again, thank you so much for your tutorial! I made of pair of these pants and 2 of shorts for my almost 2 years old boy, and it fits wonderfully.

I chose to add eyelets on the flat fronts, so that I can adjust the size, and a reverse hem for the long legs. Anyway, thank you thank you thank you!

Feel free to have a look at it: Do you have any thoughts on making these in a knit fabric? I made these pants for my 2 year old and although they fit okay we needed more room in the bottom for his diaper and more of a rise. I used the directions from this website and altered the pattern to get a perfect fit for my son. I think I used larger seem allowances because the pants fit my 27 lb 35 in 2 year perfectly with the extra diaper room.

I am enjoying these so much! I shopped and did not have luck finding linen pants under 50 bucks …so I ran up against this! Now I am addicted to making pants! I did something fun, went shopping at a thrift shop and picked up some fun gaudy mens XL button up shirts, fits the pattern perfectly and instant pockets! And enough fabric left over to make a snappy matching bow tie.

Thanks for this pattern! I made a pair for my son, and they came out so cute! I used 2 fat quarters with Thomas on them, and sized down to a 24 months size. I had juuuuust enough fabric…. They came together quickly! Dana, This looks totally doable.

Buying them is just so cost-prohibitive, so thank you for this tutorial. Thanks for this very clear tutorial Dana.

Your method is going to help a bunch! Do you remove the same amount of inches from the bottom of the pattern? Anyone else had that problem? I just made fleece PJs using this pattern for my 2 year old- very easy to follow tutorial, thank you! Going to make a pants for my little girl this week. Love this tutorial, i have a question though, with the front being a littke shorter im having trouble makingnthe waistband line up all the way around.

Fantastic pants pattern and I love the variations especially the flat fronts version. Quick question my boy is a bit small for this pattern how would you increase the sizing for a year old? I made these for my daughter using the draft your own. What fabric do I need to get that will stretch? Other than that they are perfect. These are wonderful and remind me of the pants I use to make when I was a teen, also.

Thank you for this wonderful pattern and instructions. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have a very slim and small 4 year old who is very difficult to find pants for. This is just what I needed!

This is great, so easy and so well written. Thanks for writing this up. Well Star Wars pants instead will be waiting for him at breakfast. Thanks so much, x. Hi Dana I just felt like I just had to write to you and say thank you for such an amazing website and tutorial, it fills me with excitement as I plan my projects for my kids.

I have just made only my second ever item on my new sewing machine starting with a drawstring bag and now a pair if pajama bottoms for my daughter.

Your tutorial was so easy to follow and well written for the absolute beginner. Sewing is something I always wanted to learn my mum was an excellent seamstress but passed away when I was younger from cancer before I had chance to ask her to teach me so it feels amazing to learn now with your easy tutorials.

I feel closer to her somehow. Lots of love xx. Dana, Thanks for another great tutorial! Oh this was so great.

Just wanted to thank you! I have never followed a pattern before and this has given me much more confidence!! You can see what I made here. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

I made my first pair tonight. My son is 18 months old, but he has large hips and thights, so I use your pattern and shortened of the legs by 4 inches. My son is 18 months old, but he has large hips and thights, so I use your pattern and shortened the lenght the legs by 4 inches. My son is 18 months old, but he has large hips and thights, so I use your pattern and shortened the length the legs by 4 inches. My son is 18 months old, but he has large hips and thighs, so I use your pattern and shortened the length of the legs by 4 inches.

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I always have a difficult time with pants. This made it so easy. I have only being sewing for about 12 months and find all your patterns and tutorials great! LOVE the look of these pants! I would greatly appreciate the advice. I had already bought the shorts pattern and oh my God — I love those too! Do you have advice on the added length for the different sizes if I use the shorts pattern to turn into pants pattern for the different sizes?

If you made a pants pattern with a range of sizes like you did with the shorts — I would totally buy it! Somehow I failed to adapt the pants tutorial to by 5 yo son. Bought the shorts pattern — made the most adorable racer shorts EVER. However they were too small for the child I was marking them for.

How can I adjust the pattern to fit? Any hints or tips? I needed a cheap pair of trousers for my son for a VE day fancy dress party that we are going to. All vintage clothes are so expensive so I thought I would give it a go myself. I bought some cheap brown fabric and attempted it first with no pattern.

Utter disaster, clearly I had no idea what I was doing. Was going to give up and then came across this tutorial and pattern. I have now made the trousers and they are just great! They fit my little boy perfectly and I cant wait to go out and buy some nicer material so that I can make him some more cool trousers!

I love your blog! He looks fantastic in them and I just made the cutest pair of shorter ones for my little girl! That is similar to my enclosure my Partner and I bought only recently, incredibly satisfied with it for individuals on the fence on the subject of buying one, do it now, you wont be sorry.

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