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Drake Hogestyn stars as John Black in the NBC daytime drama

Seeking answers, he drifted off to a desert island where he discovered all of the dead Salemites, including Marlena, living. Terry Randolph's love life. Initially known only as "The Pawn," he first appeared in Salem on January 23, She died later that year in John's arms.

Actor Drake Hogestyn plays John Black on
Drake Hogestyn, Actor: Days of Our Lives. Drake Hogestyn was born on September 29, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA as Donald Drake Hogestyn. He is an actor, known for Days of Our Lives (), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers () and Otherworld (). He has been married to Victoria Post since December 31, They have four Sep 29,
John Black (as played by Drake Hogestyn on Days of Our Lives) Useful information about John Black * Aliases: Forrest Alamain (birth name), The Pawn, Roman Brady, John Stevens, and Father John Black.
John Black (as played by Drake Hogestyn on Days of Our Lives) Useful information about John Black * Aliases: Forrest Alamain (birth name), The Pawn, Roman Brady, John Stevens, and Father John Black.
John Black (as played by Drake Hogestyn on Days of Our Lives) Useful information about John Black * Aliases: Forrest Alamain (birth name), The Pawn, Roman Brady, John Stevens, and Father John Black.
Useful information about John Black


Drake Hogestyn stars as John Black in the NBC daytime drama

He was remembering his past! John quickly figured out that Charlotte's lie must have stemmed from a personal grudge against him or Marlena. He quickly sprang into action and called Marlena to warn her about Charlotte.

Unfortunately, Charlotte was already at Marlena's penthouse and, right as John was voicing his concerns, their call was disconnected as Charlotte yanked the phone cord out of the wall! He rushed over to the penthouse where he would meet his fate. Upon bursting through the door to save Marlena, John was stabbed in the back by Charlotte who was wielding a hypodermic needle filled with a dose of muscle relaxant large enough to kill someone.

John told Marlena "she was safe now," then collapsed. Fortunately, Marlena immediately began CPR. Bo, Hope, and Brady showed up soon after and helped as well. Coincidentally, they discovered that John was merely a random pawn in Charlotte's game as she was really after Marlena for hurting her several years before.

John was rushed to the hospital where Kayla determined he had suffered a stroke because of the large injection of relaxants.

As John drifted in and out of consciousness Marlena and Brady stood by his side. When Kayla suggested that Marlena talk about the past with John as that often helps stroke victims, John shocked Marlena by uttering the words she had waited over a year to hear.

Their happiness was short lived, however, as Kayla returned with John's latest test results. They concluded that John was paralyzed from the neck down and it could become permanent if he's not immediately transferred to a clinic in Lugano, Switzerland that specializes in cases like his.

John tried to push Marlena away and begged her to start a new life without him, but she wouldn't budge. She was sticking by his side through thick and thin. John was thrilled by her love and dedication, yet had one request before they go - he wanted Marlena to marry him right there at his bedside before leaving Salem.

In a rather short, but sweet ceremony John and Marlena once again became husband and wife. John's old friend, Father Jansen, remarried them while Kayla, Roman and Brady all looked with bittersweet emotions as they were thrilled for the couple, but sad about the circumstances.

Even Stefano, who had showed up when he heard the news about John, gave his half-brother and old advisories a nod of approval through the window before turning and walking away. When Father Jansen pronounced them man and wife, John told Marlena to "come here" and they kissed their first kiss as husband and wife. Once their lips parted, they shared one last longing glance into each other's eyes knowing it was the end of their time in Salem, but the beginning of their new life together. John's therapy had been a success and he was able to walk again.

John and Marlena enjoyed catching up with their friends and family. But, during the party Rafe received a call and was told to arrest John on charged of corporate embezzlement and fraud. But, within a few weeks, Rafe and Carrie proved that evidence against John had been fabricated and John was released from jail in time to spend the holidays with his family.

Now a free man, John set about returning money to all of the people who had lost money in the embezzlement scheme. He decided to rebuild Basic Black. Brady offered to come work with him. John was thrilled and the father-son team started revitalizing Basic Black's fashion empire. Around the same time, Bo and Hope were investigating a secret safe deposit box that Alice had. It turns out that the box contained two secrets- one about the DiMeras and one about the Hortons. The Horton secret was that John and Hope were still legally married from the days when Stefano had brainwashed the two of them.

Thinking this was just a legal technicality to deal with, Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena headed to Alamainia to file for divorce. But, thanks to some interference from Stefano, only John and Hope were allowed to go on the trip. While there, he had them drugged and held in prison until they agreed to go back under his mind control so that they could steal back a valuable piece of artwork.

But, John was able to resist the brainwashing. Shortly after, he was able to show Hope a picture of Bo and bring her out from under the brainwashing too. However, the two played along with the scheme long enough to steal the artwork and convince Stefano that they needed to leave the country.

They barely made it out of the country. When they returned, John reunited with Marlena and the two settled in for a nice life together. But a few short months later, John and Marlena's nemesis, Kristen arrived in Salem during the fall of Kristen kept saying that she wanted to make amends and that she had gone through a lot of therapy. John didn't believe her at first, but eventually he started to see that she had changed. Marlena never believed Kristen and as a result, Marlena and John drifted apart; and Kristen was able to set her plan into motion.

Kristen was out for revenge on John and Marlena. And she had decided to use John's son, Brady, to do it. She and Brady started dating and Kristen arranged for John to walk in on Kristen and Brady having sex on top of Brady's desk. When he told Marlena, he was angry to learn that Marlena knew about Brady and Kristen but didn't tell John.

This drove the wedge between John and Marlena even further. John moved out of the penthouse. John set out on a mission to get Brady away from Kristen. His plan was to make Kristen think that he wanted her for himself. Many people, including Victor, warned John that this plan could cost him Marlena.

But, John was determined. The night before Brady and Kristen were to be married, John came to Kristen's hotel room and started to seduce her. He sent a text to Brady to come to Kristen's room, but Brady never got the message. Instead, Kristen stopped everything, announced that she really did love Brady, and ran off to find Brady.

A few weeks later, after Brady found out what happened, John confirmed to Brady that it was Kristen to stopped that night. Still unable to work things out with Marlena and Brady, John travelled to Europe to look for answers. He kept in touch with people in Salem while he was gone. Colleen was so desperate to find out what happened to her son that the people at the orphanage lied to her and told her it was John.

They just couldn't bring themselves to tell Colleen that her son had died. John was back to square one and had no idea who his biological parents were. John returned to Salem in the summer of and went straight to the Kiriakis mansion. He had information on how to track down Kristen. He wanted Brady to go with him so that they could make Kristen face charges for what she did.

He was in no mood to see John. Marlena shared Brady's sentiments. She told John that their divorce was proceeding along and there was nothing for them to talk about. But John wasn't giving up on his family.

Brady was using drugs again and dating Theresa Donovan. John was worried about Brady's association with both things. But, Brady kept spending his time with her, engaging in heavy partying that included cocaine. Eventually, he told Theresa that he wanted more from their relationship.

Theresa was thrilled because this meant her plan to get his money would be easier. The two of them took a private jet to Vegas. Brady drank heavily and Theresa had to carry him out of the casino. As a passed-out Brady and Theresa flew home on the Titan jet, Theresa looked down at the new weddings rings on their hands. Thrilled that she had finally landed Brady for good, Theresa and Brady flew back to Salem. John met them at the Kiriakis mansion and was irate to see Theresa there with a ring on her finger.

He knew that Brady would get the marriage annulled once he sobered up and yelled at Theresa for being a disappointment to her family. However, John had been recording their whole conversation. Theresa knew that John's tape would mean that Brady would get the annulment.

So, she grabbed a fire poker from the fire place and struck John over the head. She knocked John out cold and he fell to the floor. In a panic, she dragged John's body next to Brady's passed-out body, wiped her prints off the fire poker, and put the poker in Brady's hands.

Then, she screamed for Henderson, who saw the scene and called Theresa told the police that John was attacking Brady and Brady swung back in self defense. When Brady awoke in a hospital room, she told Brady the same story. He was horrified that he had hurt his father. John was more than hurt. He was in a coma. The doctors had no idea when or if he would come out of it. Brady tried to fly in doctors to look at John's case, but they all said that it was hopeless. But, around the same time, Kristen was captured and brought back to town.

She told Marlena that in exchange for Eric refusing to testify against her, she would produce a doctor with a new formula that would save John. But, she didn't want Brady to know about the offer. Marlena agreed and, reluctantly, so did Eric. When John awoke, he learned that Kristen was back in town. Quickly, he realized that Theresa was the lesser of two evils, so he backed up her story that Brady was the one who hit him.

John didn't want to make it any easier for Kristen to get back with Brady. She was sure that Theresa was the one who hit John. So, she planted recording devices around Theresa until one of them turned up a confession. Kristen played Brady the tape of Theresa saying that she was the one who hit John. But, he didn't believe her. He went to talk to John about it. He was furious and confronted them both.

John told the truth but Brady told him that the damage to their relationship was done. It took months, but by giving Brady some space, Brady and John eventually reconciled. But John would soon have problems with another son. In March of , John was thrilled to meet baseball star, Paul Narita, who was in town for rotator cuff surgery. In addition to being a fan, John was excited to have Paul in town because John wanted him to help raise money for the little league in Salem. Paul agreed and made an appearance at John's fundraiser and coach a clinic for the teams.

However, after the fundraiser, a reporter exposed Will Horton's affair with Paul. John was horrified and told Paul to forget about the clinic. He thought that Paul was a terrible homewrecker. Little did John know that Paul was his son. When the truth came out, he worked to repair his strained relationship with Paul. Eventually, the two grew to appreciate each other. Paul decided to move to Salem to get to know his new family. With his son in town, John made two other changes in his life.

First, he worked to repair his relationship with Marlena. The two began to date again. Next, John decided to leave the Salem P. Marlena and many of his friends were skeptical at first. Jack Clayton Jack Deveraux Jr. Did We Miss Something? Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile. Scan the many branches of the Alamain family tree. Read up on dozens of other past and present DAYS characters.

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Terry Randolph's love life. Elizabeth and Franco need a break. Genie Francis says her GH return storyline is "so scary". Returning to Salem, he decided to make a life with Kristen who was pregnant with his child actually she had lost the child and hired her double, Susan Banks, to have a child to pass off as hers. Kristen even orchestrated a marriage between her double and John without him realizing it.

Marlena did figure it out though, thanks largely to letters she'd found and the knowledge that John still loved her. She managed to get the truth to him at his wedding. He and Marlena promptly declared how much they loved each other, but, unfortunately, he had contracted an untreatable disease thanks to radiation exposure while on a dangerous mission the last time he left town.

Stefano, of course, had the cure, but for anyone to get it, they had to go down to the jungle with him. After some experiments, they returned to Salem and administered the cure in exchange for Stefano's pardon and they returned just in time to interrupt Roman's wedding to Marlena.

Soon after, Kristen was found dead in a pool. John felt guilty for this, but Kristen was not actually dead, only sent away, along with her double Susan.

Before she left, she tried poisoning Marlena, but this brush with death only brought her and John closer. Roman bowed out, but John soon left to search for more secrets of his past.

He came upon Princess Gina, who was actually Hope with a memory chip in her head, and got involved with her and her daughter Greta. Both of these relationships damaged his with Marlena. When he returned to her, Gina turned him back into the 'evil' John and they had an affair on her boat. Stefano arrived and threw John into the ocean where he washed up on a beach to be found by Marlena.

Luckily for him, it was later confirmed that Bo was the father and his relationship with Marlena was saved. Things weren't to run happily for long. Tony DiMera returned from the dead and the truth about John's parentage soon came out. It tuned out that he was Tony's half-brother by their mother Daphne. This revelation was soon overshadowed by the Salem Stalker killing off most of Salem's residents.

Although John was determined to find the killer, he consciously ignored the evidence that pointed to Marlena and pursued Tony instead. To his horror, Marlena was soon arrested and shot down by the police.

Seeking answers, he drifted off to a desert island where he discovered all of the dead Salemites, including Marlena, living. As the residents banded together, they managed to escape although many of them, including Marlena, were thought killed in the arduous escape. Returning to shore, he became addicted to pain medication to deal with the loss and began a relationship with Kate Roberts. To his amazement Marlena returned to him once again, effectively ending his engagement to Kate.

He still had to fight for Marlena though, since she had hooked up with her abusive former husband, thanks largely to the amnesia she suffered from. Once they got back together, the reunion proved to be short lived. He was shot by his step-brother, EJ Wells, and put in a coma. John came out of his coma in May He was up and around shortly thereafter, and he and Marlena lead a peaceful existence since then. Sami has since made up with John and they've forged a loving relationship.

They recently found out the reason for the vendetta all these years and thought that things were going to be fine with Stefano's ill health and Bart's passing.

It was suggested that to end the vendetta completely, EJ Wells and Sami should marry, after Sami got an annulment from Lucas. A few minute after Sami tore up the annulment papers, John and Marlena called by Belle to the Salem Clinic, where she had locked her keys in her car. John and Marlena broke into Belle's car for her and then John was struck by a car. The car took off as John lay bleeding.

John had multiple wounds so bad that surgery didn't help and he died in Marlena's eyes October 17th He visited Sami in a dream on October 26th With Marlena tipped off that John was still alive, and EJ confessing that his father had someone in the basement, John returned to Salem in January John was very much alive but Stefano had re-programmed him into a completely different person.

He had no memory from his life. Stefano was arrested for kidnapping and Marlena was overjoyed but saddened to see that John had no memory and was so different and seemed to be on a "mission. With Stefano in a catatonic state, Marlena pressed John to remember who he used to be, but John kept talking about his mission.

There, everyone discovered an alive Colleen Brady, Shawn Senior's sister, who before was presumed dead. Colleen had John's granddaughter, Claire, with her and returned Claire to her parents, but John's son, Brady, was still a mystery.

John Black's mother, making John a DiMera! Marlena encouraged John to embrace his mother, but John was indifferent. Unfortunately, Colleen confessed that she was terminally ill and died shortly after.

Everyone left Ireland to head back home but they faced a traumatic plane crash, due to plane sabotage. John was able to recall his training to crash land the plane in Greenland. Unfortunately, Shawn Senior died a hero on the plane.

While waiting for rescue, Marlena and John got closer and made love, and while Marlena thought her old John was back, she soon realized that it was just physical attraction on John's part. Also during this ordeal, John grew to embrace and bond with his granddaughter, Claire.

Slowly, John became a ruthless business man and got into a shipping war with the Kiriakis'. John also discovered a small disk from Stefano's safe, that was later stolen from the mansion. John saw the Marlena was disappointed in his behavior, but did nothing to please her. Also to Marlena's dismay, John befriended and soon started sleeping with Ava Vitali, which prompted Marlena to move out of the DiMera mansion.

Marlena returned to John with the small disk that was previously stolen, but refused to tell him how she got it back. Marlena insisted that the disk contained John's memories, and that they should unlock the disk to unlock his memory, but John was hesitant. He insisted that he would never be the man he used to be and she had to accept that. John kept the disk but with Ava's prodding, he destroyed it. John believed that Ava accepted the new person he was and their relationship grew until Ava jumped bail and left Salem.

Meanwhile, John heard that Stefano was going to come out of his coma, but as soon as that happened, Marlena was attacked and ended up in a catatonic state. John showed that he cared for her as he stayed by her side, and even contemplated killing Stefano for hurting Marlena. Fortunately, Kayla was able to use antibodies and save Marlena.

John tried to convince Marlena to return to his house but Marlena said she couldn't go back to the DiMera mansion with Stefano's threats. Eventually, Marlena agreed to spend her first night there so that John could take care of her but she left when Stefano re-claimed the mansion.

John warned Stefano that he would not get his empire back because it was now his. Meanwhile, Marlena saw that there was going to be no improvement with John and served him with divorce papers!

John begged Marlena to change her mind as he said that he needed her, but Marlena had made up her mind. John grew annoyed when Dean Trent Robbins tried to pursue Marlena.

Right after this fight, John suffered some sort of brain freeze and other similar episodes later on, which worried Marlena. John tried to change Marlena's mind about the divorce, but she continued to see that the old John would never be back.

Marlena said she'd only reconsider the divorce if John got checked out for his episodes, but John refused. Later on, John began to show positive changes, especially in his care for Sami. He even signed the divorce papers and gave them to Marlena telling her that the ball is in her court. John also befriended Nicole Walker, as they sought each other's relationship advice.

John continues to make positive changes that leave Marlena impressed. He went into therapy with Dr. Charlotte Taylor, and underwent hypnotherapy, which helped him to recall a past reunion with Marlena.

Taylor hid this from John and his family, but with a little sleuthing, Brady found out. Taylor went psycho and though Marlena listened to the tape proving he remembered, and Marlena was able to let John know the truth. The couple eventually got back together after a few more trials and tribulations, but John was ran over by a car and paralyzed.

His memories were restored, and he and Marlena married at the hospital and took off for Switzerland after hearing about therapy and a possible cure. John arrived in a wheelchair but proved his progress in rehab when he stood up in front of everyone.

John and Marlena's happy return was short lived when John was arrested for stealing retirement funding from his Basic Black employees. Rafe and Carrie worked together to prove John's innocence and he was released from jail. In an effort to pay back all his employees for what they lost, John used his own assets.

Though practically broke, John and Marlena are happy to be together in Salem. John currently works on rebuilding Basic Black with his son Brady. Recently, Hope started finding clues that led her to a secret that Alice had a secret hidden in a safe deposit box. Stefano kidnapped them and changed them into Gina and the Pawn again, in order for them to steal the Anastasia Egg that they were supposed to give to him when they were their alt personalities in the past.

Soon they realized who they were and snapped out of it. They headed back to the states still married. Kristen manipulated the two to the point where she started to date Brady in order to get back at John for dumping her at the altar years earlier. Marlena was the only one who saw this for a time and eventually Kristen revealed her true self to John, but by then, he and Marlena were on the outs. Marlena kept it from him that Brady was having sex with Kristen because she was the tiniest bit glad Kristen wasn't bedding her husband.

When John learned the truth, he accused her of mistrust and she accused him of the same. He flew to Europe for business and to clear his head and confronted Stefano to put him on notice.

John Black is a fictional character from Days of Our Lives, an American soap opera on the NBC network. He has been played by actor Drake Hogestyn since , with a break in between from January to September Drake Hogestyn stars as John Black in the NBC daytime drama "Days of our Lives." Shelley Long originally wanted Drake to play her husband on the sitcom "Kelly Kelly" (). He was all set to star on both that and "Days of Our Lives" (), but his schedule on Days conflicted with the filming of the pilot of Kelly Kelly and thus was replaced by Robert Hays. Actor Drake Hogestyn plays John Black on "Days of Our Lives". His character is not only a fan favorite but also a key member of the cast. We have followed him through many twists and turns over the newuz.tkd: Dec 18,