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The Sleep Store was established in as a one stop shop for tired parents. Our aim is to provide solutions to calm crying, settle newborn babies, and help babies, toddlers and big kids sleep .
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Easy to Use No more wrapping and re-wrapping swaddle blankets. Effective The Woombie's ergonomic, peanut-shaped design gently hugs your baby recreating the feeling of the womb. Your aim is to set your child's body clock to sleep in longer, so avoid messing with the body clock by changing your times. Aim for a 7pm bedtime, so your child isn't getting over-tired in the evening. This gives you a goal of getting up between 6.

Children over the age of 4 could go to bed at about 7. Also have a look at your toddler's sleep times during the day. If they are still going down for a morning sleep at 9am, then this is going to impact on how early they wake. Try moving the morning sleep back by first 30 mins, then a week later try an hour later.

If your toddler is over 18 months, it may be time to drop the morning sleep and move to a sleep at You decide when morning comes to your house, not your little one. If you think a reasonable start to the day is 6.

For example, if your toddler currently wakes at 5. If you put him back to bed, saying it's still night-time, then this sends a completely different message to your child.

By consistently giving the message that 5. We recommend that you treat any waking before your designated morning time the same as you would night waking. So if you wouldn't let your toddler out of bed at 2am, then don't do it at 5am! Check out our Sleep Trainer Clocks. As with all sleep changes, consistency is incredibly important when trying to change early waking. As in the above example, you need to put your child back in their own bed every time they come into your bed earlier than your designated morning time.

If you sometimes let them come in at 4am or 5am Toddlers will always push the boundaries and try to get what they want, but consistently showing them the behaviour you want will eventually get the message through. Carrying on from above, there are a number of actions that parents take that reinforce early waking in toddlers.

Yes it may seem like the easy option and it may seem like it will give you mins more peace before the day starts Giving toddlers a bottle when they wake early is a common example.

Your child wakes at 5am screaming for you, you give them a bottle and he settles back to sleep. Unfortunately now you're awake for the day But the same thing happens tomorrow and the next day, until you stop the behaviour that reinforces the waking - ie getting up to him and giving him a bottle. Other common reinforcing behaviours are - letting toddler in your bed, letting toddler get up and play, getting yourself up for the day with your toddler, having breakfast really really early etc.

There may well be noises in your neighbourhood or house that cause your little one to wake from the light sleep that is common between You may not hear these same noises due to the location of your bedroom, that you are in a deeper sleep or may not have the same sensitive hearing that your child has.

Common noises include birds, dogs barking, traffic, other family members getting up, plumbing, neighbours leaving for work etc. We recommend you try playing white noise or sleep music on repeat in your child's bedroom to mask any of the noises that may cause waking in your house. Try this for at least a week to see if it has any effect.

View white noise and sleep music options. Waking between am is often due to the cold, as this is the coolest time of the night. Much early waking has been easily solved by adding an extra layer or two of clothing, or using a warm toddler sleeping bag.

Our toddler sized merino pyjamas are a good option for children who kick off their bedding and will no longer sleep in a sleeping bag. Plus we have a range of winter sleepsuits, made from merino or fleece. View our range of toddler winter sleeping bags. If your toddler is under 18 months, it may be that they are moving about in the cot, standing up and finding it hard to get back into a sleepy position in bed. If that sounds familiar, we recommend looking at one of the attached sleeping bag options, which stop crawling and standing in bed.

You can be confident that your child is safe and still in a sleepy position in bed, so you are less likely to feel you need to check on them if they wake early. Just leave them to go back to sleep on their own and you will be surprised at how quickly the early waking may be solved.

With older and very mobile babies, the Safe T Sleepwrap is very useful for keeping your baby in a safe and relaxed sleep position.

We often hear about babies starting to sleep through the night once they are sleeping in a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, as they are staying in a comfortable position all night. Check out our Safe Bedding options. We recommend using thick black-out lining on your child's curtains, so they can't see what is happening outside.

Even if you also use a night-light, using black-out lining keeps the bedroom feeling cozy and 'night-time' even when the sun starts to come up. You can buy black-out lining at Spotlight or other curtain fabric stores. We also sell the handy gro anywhere blackout blind , which suctions to the window. Children do not know what 'time' they can get up!! So make it easy for them to learn when getting up is OK and also give yourself something objective that decides if it's getting up time.

A Sleep Trainer clock is a child-friendly clock specifically designed to let your child know when getting up is OK.

Sleep trainer clocks have simple ways of showing wake-up time that mean toddlers can easily understand - ie changing colour, showing a picture of the sun or the stars.

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