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In July , because the popular television program Orange Is the New Black was making the orange jumpsuits in his prison fashionable, Saginaw County, Michigan Sheriff William Federspiel decided to replace them with traditional black-and-white-striped uniforms.

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This often includes a restriction in terms of footwear, hereby forcing prisoners to remain barefoot as a part of their dress code. The state of wearing a prison uniform in many cases provokes a distressful psychological response from the detained person, as unlike civilian clothes it is worn involuntarily, typically reluctant and is often perceived as stigmatizing. The imperative regulation of a person's outward appearance is typically perceived as a steep invasion into the autonomy of decision.

As a consequence the loss of individuality particularly caused by having to wear a prison uniform can have a detrimental effect to a person's self-perception and self-esteem. Therefore a prison uniform is often perceived as an implicit element of punishment and a stigma, while the level of psychological distress and humiliation caused by the garment is in large part determined by its characteristic and overall design.

However, the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners first adopted in and amended in as "Mandela Rules" prohibit degrading or humiliating clothing, requiring in Rule 19 that:.

Using some manifestation of a prison uniform for incarcerated individuals has become the standard within the penal system of most countries.

Some facilities may however not issue designated uniform garments to the inmates as such. Primarily depending on the economical conditions a unified dress code is sometimes specified in facilities of different countries, which typically includes confiscating and withholding certain items of otherwise standard clothing. This way the required distinctive appearance to tell inmates apart from regular civilians is obtained in a similar way to uniform garments.

This commonly occurs for financial reasons, as this option is naturally free of cost. In this regard especially wearing shoes is often disallowed within penal institutions of various countries, primarily exploiting the socially uncommon semblance of a fully shoeless person, which provides for a sufficiently noticeable visual appearance in most situations.

This condition also employs the sociocultural connotation of this attribute as keeping individuals barefoot has served as an indicator for their absence of personal freedom in large parts of history see subchapter Early prison uniforms and Barefoot Imprisonment and slavery for historic background. Before specific uniform garments came into use a common method to visually mark and identify prisoners consisted in primarily removing the shoes and keeping them barefoot during imprisonment.

As wearing shoes has long been the usual form of appearance, and going unshod has become inadequate and socially unaccepted, the semblance of bare feet was avoided by society and rarely seen. The disreputable assessment of displaying bare feet is connected to the tendency for slaves forced to remain shoeless to display their inferior societal rank while regular citizens usually refrained from this form of appearance and resorted to footwear befitting their social status.

As a practical objective the omitted protection of the feet naturally implicated different environmental obstacles for the detained individuals, which restricted their freedom of action compared to shod individuals, attempts of prison escape were hereby made more difficult. Bare feet also complemented the force of physical restraints which were often applied in the form of shackles or similar devices.

Prisoners were rendered more vulnerable to outside influences when they had to remain barefoot, therefore acts of physical resistance were frustrated or more easily overcome as well. As the results were achieved with little effort, this method was common practice to display the state of captivity in most civilizations of the past. The method of keeping prisoners uniformly barefoot is common practice in several countries to this day, mostly complementing specific prisoner's garments but also as a standalone routine.

The psychological effect of having to remain barefoot as part of a prisoner's dress code is comparable to the effect of specific prison garments, as it is an uncommon state in any civil society just as wearing salient uniform clothing and carries a similar denotive connotation. This situation can however have an additional unsettling effect on a detained person as the heightened vulnerability of shoeless feet typically provokes feelings of insecurity.

Hereby a prisoner often perceives the reluctant and unaccustomed visual exposure of his or her bare feet as a palpable element of degradation and punishment in itself. Being forced to remain barefoot for a prison uniform is often experienced as intimidating and oppressive, which is an effect also used to further emphasize the overseers' command and authority over the prisoners.

During the Victorian era when prison sentences of prolonged durance were implemented in the judicial system of several countries, actual garments were conceived to be worn specifically by prison inmates, which developed to the various types of prison uniforms presently in use. During the Nazi period of Germany, interned people in the concentration camp system were often made to wear prisoner's uniforms. In today's Germany, inmates may wear regular civilian clothing in some prisons.

In other prisons prison uniforms are compulsory. There are also facilities with no prison uniforms.

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